Aquaculture farm in Vietnam


A mix of quality & balanced nutrients to optimize aquafeed growth

Neovia Philippines addresses the needs of Filipino aquaculture farmers with the added support of dedicated research and production centers in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam. This allows the company to provide products for distinct use in the farming process with excellent quality. We are striving to make aquaculture a means of feeding the world.

We offer a full line of fish and shrimp larval feeds: androtifer enrichment products; complete feed for shrimp larvae and grow-out feeds for both shrimp and fish farms.

Our feed is formulated using mix of highly digestible raw materials and attractants for optimum growth and palatability. Supplement of, essential vitamins, and certain other special nutrients, having the effect of improving resistance, reducing stress and increasing their survival rate.

Quality ingredients and balanced nutrients ensure healthy fish, high feed intake and good feed conversion.

Two recognized aquaculture feed brands

In the Philippines, Neovia offers aquaculture solutions under the following brands:







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