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Complete feed

Neovia manufactures complete feed in 31 plants based in France and internationally. Together they produce 2.4 million tons a year. In Philippines, Neovia acquired a major player in animal nutrition in May 2016. Two of its production sites are located in Bulacan and Cebu.

A comprehensive complete feed production made possible with our two production sites

Bulacan Plant

San Rafael, Bulacan

Bulacan Plant was setup in 2014 to produce swine, poultry and aquaculture feed. The plant can produce 25 tons per hour with 1 pellet mill and 1 extruder. The facility covers a land area of 58,783 square meters and is operated by over 106 employees.

Bulacan animal nutrition plant

Cebu Plant

Minglanilla, Cebu

The Cebu Plant was put up in year 2000. It can produce swine, poultry, pet, and aquaculture feed at a rate of 63 tons per hour. The facility covers a total 1,499 square meters and consists of 4 pellet mills and 1 extruder. This plant is being operated by a total of 354 people.


Cebu animal nutrition plant

A complete feed that meets your expected performances

Neovia produces quality products that are made specifically for swine, poultry, fish, shrimp, dogs, and cats considering the nutritional needs of each species to reach the production target and market demand.

A system based on both the net energy principle and balanced amino acid availability concepts allows the company to produce more efficient feed, more accurate to expected performances, closer to the real needs of modern genetics, and safer due to a better understanding of optimum energy requirements and limits to protein levels, and with no excess fat deposition.

Feed products are available for both the large commercial farms and at the retail trade in Agrivet shops for backyard farms. Neovia complete feed contains top quality and imported ingredients that guarantee better feed conversion.

A comprehensive range of complete feed brands

In the Philippines, Neovia offers complete feed under the following brands:

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