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Ganador is a high quality dog food made with specially selected ingredients that guarantee the perfect balance for your dog’s nutrition and wellness. Taking advantage on our animal nutrition and health expertise our formulas are developed by experts in France with an advanced technology following international quality standards.

Ganador has an exclusive “Immune System Protection” which is the perfect blend of powerful antioxidants to help the natural defenses of your dog.

Ganador is available at your preferred retail shop.

A dog feed brand that strengthens the bond between a dog & its owner

We understand the special bond between dogs and their family, but more importantly, we know how to nourish it. That is why we want to become the leading dog food brand, the brand that speaks from the heart, is trustworthy and reflects the supportive and loving relationship between a dog and its parent. We are looking to achieve this by offering health and wellness to their loving hearts through a continuous innovation process with nutritional and scientific expertise, always driven by our unconditional love for them.

Ganador Premium is founded on values that strengthen, deepen and encourage this bond with products that guarantee wellness and health for every kind of dog.

Our feed products for puppy and adult dogs


  • Brain development help
  • Healthy bone and muscle development
  • Good stool quality and less smell
  • Healthy skin & coat
  • Digestive System Help
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Good stool quality and less smell


  • Digestive System Help
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Good stool quality and less smell
  • Healthy bone and teeth

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