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Digital transformation

Digitisation is part of our everyday lives: 46% of the world population uses the Internet and 36% very actively. Combined with the boom of mobile telephones and smart phones, new ways of working as well as new behaviour patterns and expectations of customers and consumers are emerging.

These expectations are effectively now largely defined by personal or professional experiences in everyday life: mobile applications, tactile media, geolocation, real time information, speed, insight, connectivity… The combination of all of these elements defines the concept of “user experience”.

The use of digital technology in the agri-business and agricultural sectors has experienced a less-pronounced increase than in other activities. However, recent studies on the subject show that the sector is rapidly catching up and agribusiness stakeholders are experiencing an accelerated transformation of their working methods and service offerings.

For instance, food producers or livestock farmers now expect more ergonomic work tools, the ability to scan and use their data to improve their performance (decision making tools, applications, connected objects, Big Data), and would like to monitor and manage their business remotely when necessary. Similarly, online training (MOOC) is considerably expanding.

Neovia, world leader in animal nutrition and health, integrates these new market and customer needs and demands in its service offer and is investing heavily in the digital, big data, connectivity, and new ways of working and innovating. As an example, the company has created several departments over the past four years that analyse market needs (present and future) and work closely with customers, partners, universities, competitiveness clusters, and target start-ups worldwide on these issues. These new departments are: the Market Monitoring Department, the Innovation Management Department which includes the Design Lab, the Software and Innovation Department, and the Digital Department.

The creation of Neovia’s Digital Department clearly illustrates the company’s desire to reinvent its business model and resolutely engage in accelerated digital transformation. Today, digital technology permeates both the company’s working methods (video-conferences, touch screens, etc.) and its services offer: decision making tools, connected objects, applications, and precision nutrition.

The Digital Department helps to build a differentiating business model. In this perspective, it works closely with the departments mentioned above but also with Neovia’s Marketing, R&D, IT, and Industrial Management departments to best integrate these new stakes in the products, solutions, and services offered by the company to livestock farmers, food producers, cooperatives, and final customers.

Neovia is now developing new solutions based on the opportunities made possible with digital technology. These solutions make their customers’ lives easier and place user experience at the heart of reflection to offer digital and technological solutions adapted to the new uses and new expectations of each customer.

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