Neovia Philippines values

Our Values

Neovia Philippines is privileged to be a company with varied cultural influences. Diversity has become a real source of wealth for the company. It contributes every day to increase the social value of the company.

Our corporate values allow everyone to develop dynamically and in many different ways with the stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers, and consumers. As true pillars of our company, they guide our actions. Our values also feed our strategy to better meet the social challenges we face, with a constant concern for quality.



Humanism involves everyone’s responsibility in the decision process which allows people to develop their communication skills through speaking, listening, understanding, and cooperating.


Neovia reflects each employee’s dedication to work through their strong commitment in the company’s activities and projects. They are involved in collaborating in the decision process.

“Palabra de honor” means trying one’s best to fulfill one’s promise. For Filipinos, fulfilling a promise committed to others is a great self-realization.  


Innovation is part of the corporate state of mind. We anticipate changes and adapt. Technology changes as fast as consumer needs. We acknowledge the lack of maturity within our industry and create ethical and forward-thinking solutions to overcome them. We identify, develop, and deploy leading-edge technology, employee development programs, and process improvement tools.


We collaborate inside and outside the organization to maximize our shared knowledge and convey more prominent value to one another and to our clients. The solutions we deliver are the sum of our collaborative skills, and we believe the best outcomes come from embracing diverse cultures, communities, perspectives, skills, and experiences.

The Bayanihan spirit is the symbolic value of a community acting together. This best captures the essence of Filipino generosity; doing a task together, thus lessening the workload and making the job easier.


Our employees are enthusiastic about being part of cutting-edge technology and look to make a positive impact on the industry. Being enthusiastic allows us to focus on our opportunities to serve our customer and creates an environment which is favorable to solve our customers’ needs.


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