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« I love my hens » Evialis’ new range, Regal Premium

Group News 27 Jan 2017

The French home backyard market is growing (+7% of turnover in 2015)! The hen has shifted from the status of livestock animal to that of family leisure activity, and is increasingly considered a pet. In February 2016, 10.7%* of French people had or wanted to acquire abackyard animal.
This world is currently attracting a new “rurban” clientele reflecting an eco-responsible logic: reducing organic waste, collecting fresh eggs, etc.

With this in mind, Evialis launched a new Régal Prémium range targeting urban and rural homes in September 2016. This range is distinguished by:
• a complete offer based on five-cereal mix and complete feed references developed from Evialis’s expertise in animal feed. The range is made up of products that meet the specific needs of poultry from the day they hatch to adulthood: “mes poussins”, “ma pondeuse”, “ma cocotte”. It also includes “mon pigeon” and a cereal mix, “mes céréales” for all types of farmyard bird intended for the “rurban” target.
• This range is packaged in 12kg plastic bags with a transparent window to view the product and reassure customers.
• A sleek and high-end design to better stand out in the farmyard feed section in a very competitive garden centre environment.

These products complement the current Régal range (more rural).

To accompany the launch in stores, Evialis has implemented an active promotion policy directly at the point of sale (banners, posters, shelf tags, etc.) as well as sales support tools for distributors and dedicated promotional items.
Support in trade press is also planned in autumn 2016 and spring 2017. This campaign will be accompanied by the launch of the brand on social networks to help develop its reputation, particu-larly among the target “rurban” audience.
To help its neophyte clientele avid for practical advice, Régal has also developed clear and simple rearing guides, product brochures including some practical tips to care for chickens, and a system of loyalty cards. This approach is in line with the peri-urban target, avid for advice and novelties.
At the same time, the brand will offer web consumers advice on its website,, and on Régal’s Facebook page. Joint the Regal community!


*Efficience 3 survey for Media et Jardin group.

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