Aquaculture training in Mindanao, Philippines


An intensive aquaculture training on the latest farming management techniques

Neovia Philippines hosted a program for aquaculture farmers on May 15-17, 2017 and attended by 15 visitors including the Neovia Global team and farmers in Latin American Region.  The program called “Aquademy for Farmers” which took place in General Santos, Mindanao and its nearby provinces such as Saranggani and Davao was held after their 4-day visit in Thailand. This activity mainly aims to educate farmers more on the modern techniques in shrimp farming.

The successes in utilization of the new technologies in Aquaculture was one of the reasons Philippines was one of the chosen sites for the program.

Lead by the Global Aquaculture Marketing Manager, and Neovia Global and Philippine Team, the farmers were able to learn about the latest methods and farming management techniques as well as solutions to the main challenges in the aquaculture industry.

An actionable training applicable to aquaculture feeds in Latin America

Neovia played a major game changing role in helping the Brazilian farmers deal with Aquaculture industry challenges in their country. Brazil has a huge potential to develop shrimp farming, but for 13 years, the industry has struggled due to different issues, mainly diseases. The farmers who attended the program are expected to implement all the knowledges that Neovia team shared especially in ensuring significant improvements in farm management and to reach higher volume of production.

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Aquaculture Academy For Farmers 2017
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Aquaculture Academy For Farmers 2017
15 visitors including Neovia Global team and farmers from different countries, generally Brazilians, went to the City of General Santos, Mindanao to visit shrimp farms across its nearby provinces.
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Aquaculture activity - Neovia Philippines

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