Wisium, the international premix and firm-services business brand of Neovia, officially launched its activities in the Philippines

Wisium Philippines is now a brand new reality! The premix and firm-services business brand of Neovia, Wisium, is now operating in the Philippines after its grand new launch ceremony on February 22, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Hundreds of prospects and partners attended the Wisium Philippines launch event, spearheaded by François Fernandez, head of business development at Wisium.

Attendees at Wisium Philippines Product Launch, February 2018

Attendees at Wisium Product Launch in the Philippines, February 2018

A comprehensive offering of tailored products and services

The company, which has been a major global player in animal nutrition and health for over 60 years, has over 1,000 industrial customers worldwide with 300 global experts operating in 50 countries. More than 30 million metric tons of feeds are produced annually using the Wisium technology, making it the fourth-largest premix provider in the global market.

Wisium offers high-value technical and technological products and services divided into seven segments: premix, minerals, starter feeds, specialties, mycotoxins solutions, formulation and organic acids.

Wisium offers a flexible and “glocal” approach to its customers by providing them with an international expertise driven – product & service range and deep local market knowledge. Wisium also provides additional tailor-made services such as marketing and industrial support, farm management support and training.

A strong market potential driven by an increasing demand for animal proteins

The increasing demand of animal proteins highlights a significant shift from antibiotics to more sustainable and organic growth promotants to enhance feed performance.

Daniel Olivo, marketing director of Wisium Philippines, pinpointed that the premix activity in Asia, and especially in the Philippines, is surfing on an increasing growth wave due to a strong interest in food safety and animal welfare.

“Wisium wants to help meet the new challenges to feed producers, livestock farmers, and consumers as people’s requirements for healthy food and sustainable businesses consistently grow” said Daniel Olivo.

Wisium’s strong expertise and its continuous investment in technologies and innovation, notably on the aquaculture and swine segments, are differentiated growth drivers on the premix market.

No wonder that the Wisium team expresses its confidence in the Philippines premix growth potential.

Wisium’s dynamism with 10 industrial customers before our official launch illustrates our interest for continuous innovation and new partnerships, as well as our confidence in the impressive growth of the Philippine economy.”

Wisium team members at the Wisium Philippines launch ceremony, February 2018

Wisium team members at the Wisium product launch ceremony in the Philippines, February 2018

An ambitious growth plan in the next three years based on a customization approach

On top of working closely with its ten clients, Wisium Philippines is planning to collaborate with more than 100 partners in the next three years to snatch a significant market share in the premix and additives market.

Michael Pasco, Neovia Philippine sales director, wants to “position Wisium as part of the top 5 big premix and additive players in the Philippines”.  The premix and additives market is strongly fragmented as Michael Pasco estimates the number of premix suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the Philippines to be around 110.

The key differentiating value proposition that Wisium is proposing will be to focus on tailor-made and customized solutions to drive a fruitful and beneficial partnership with our key customers.

Our customization approach will help us identify our major customers. We recognize our current 10 solid customers as our key partners in developing Wisium in the Philippines,” added the Neovia Philippines sales manager.

You can delve into the Wisium launch ceremony  with the video below:

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