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Fattening Pigs - Animal & Housing Conditions (Part 1)

This guide helps to deal with the fattening pig management, which is a recurring question among farmers in the Philippines.

How to optimize your fattening pig environment & feeding to increase your farm economic performance?

In this first part of this guide, we will get you covered on the housing & key growth curves to optimize your fattening pig growth.  In the second part, we will dive into the importance of technical management and feeding conditions to ensure the high technical performance of your fattening pages.

Without further ado, let’s review growth potential curves and housing conditions that need to be optimized to ensure an optimum performance of pigs  in the fattening stage.

Growth potential for pigs in the fattening stage

It is essential to have a good quality of piglets upon the birth and also a good growth in nursery.

Here are some indicators of body development of fattenings pigs to watch out:


body development fattening pigs


growth curve fattening pigs


Growth curve of fattening pages varies depending on the tropical conditions, feeding and also on the pigs’ environmental conditions.

Respect the space allowance required for fattening pigs

Fattening pigs need an optimal barn environment to allow them to get weight at an optimal rate and decrease the risk of health issues.

Here are the main criteria to respect:


Fattening Barn - Fattening Pigs Guide

fattening barn - fattening pigs guide

Optimizing the barn environment of fattening pigs is only one component to ensure their optimum performance. Management and feeding are two other elements that influence its growth.

Stay tuned for the second part of this guide that will deal with the management and feeding of fattening pigs.

For any queries about fattening pigs, contact our swine technical expert.


Fattening PIgs Guide - Animal & Housing


Fattening Pig – Feeding & Management (Part 2)



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