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Fattening Pigs - Feeding & Management (Part 2)

This guide helps to deal with the fattening pig management, which is a recurring question among farmers in the Philippines.

How to optimize your fattening pig environment & feeding to increase your farm economic performance?

In this second part of this guide, we will dive into the importance of technical management and feeding conditions to ensure the high technical performance of your fattening pages. The first part gets you covered on the housing & key growth curves to optimize your fattening pig growth.

Without further ado, let’s review feeding and management best practices for fattening pigs.

A feeding program for fattening pigs that should be tailored to the type of farm

Feeding pigs in the fattening phase depends mainly on two factors:

  • Farm type (backyard, standard or high performing)
  • Age & weight of the pig

Please find below customized feed intake and duration based on the criteria above.

Backyard farm - fattening pigs


standard farms fattening pigs


high performing farm fattening pigs


Improve the pigs’ homogeneity management

The gestion of pigs’ homogeneity is very important for maximizing the technical performances of the pigs in the fattening phase. Check out below our advices:


homogeneity fattening pigs

homogeneity fattening pigs


Managing your pigs imply to track key performance indicators to gauge how effective is your raising.  Basically, there are three main indicators used to determine the effectiveness of your farm:

  • Age & weight on sale
  • Average Daily Gain in Fattening (ADG)
  • Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

Here are the main key performance indicators for each indicator:


target performance fatteniing pigs


If you have missed it, check out the first part of this guide on how to optimize the environment of pigs in the fattening phase.

For any queries about fattening pigs, contact our swine technical expert.


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