Gilts Preparation Part 2

Gilt Feeding - Part 2

In this second part of this guide (check out the best practices of keeping gilts in quarantine), we will get you covered on gilt feeding, from the quarantine stage to the farrowing one though the breeding.

The good management of the growth and body development of the gilts during the quarantine and the gestation period is essential for the success at the first lactation and for the longevity of the sows.

Adapt gilt feeding by growth stage (quarantine, breeding and farrowing)

Here is a breakdown of gilt feeding type, duration and intake for each of gilt growth stage:

Gilt Feeding Tips

Gilt Feeding Tips

You can check out the feeding best practices and our lactation and gestation feed products in the lactation sows guide (part 1) and gestation sows guide (part 1). 

Monitor the gilt body weight closely 

It’s important to closely monitor the gilt body weight at each growth stage to ensure their optimal performance and high survivability.

Gilt body weight


Contact one of our technical experts to receive customized feeding recommendations based on your gilt growth stage.


In case you missed it, learn why housing your gilts in a quarantine barn is a must-do in part 1 of this guide.

For any queries about gilts management and feeding advice, contact us.

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